■Clean healthy heating – no dust, higher humidity. The panel is sealed to withstand dust and moisture. IP54 protection.
■Advantage for allergy sufferers.
■Higher efficiency than radiators, infrared heating heats the entire space, ceiling, walls, floor.
■The construction of infrared panels and the materials used with high resistance to damage ensure stability for decades.
■The smooth surface of the infrared panel prevents dust from settling, so it does not attract dust particles and does not require any maintenance.
■Low acquisition costs.
■Custom design.
■Easy operation.
■Easy assembly, enclosed assembly template.
■Easy disassembly if used elsewhere.
■Decoration cost saving (BASIC IMAGE)

Our FIRST Heating Systems infrared electric panels have a HIGHER PERFORMANCE PER UNIT OF AREA compared to other competing manufacturers. The panels are full heating.
Infrared electric panels are suitable for households and companies with photovoltaics (solar panels).
Our BASIC infrared electric panels are compatible with all available heating thermostats. Therefore, there is no obstacle to regulating the panels with any wired or wireless thermostats or with a smart home network.
Safety of infrared electric panels FIRST Heating Systems
Each infrared electric panel is tested according to standards. Testing takes place after production before packaging.
Each infrared heating panel is approved for sale in the Czech Republic and the EU, it meets all product safety standards.

ELECTRIC INFRARED HEATING PANELS directly from the manufacturer

Infrared electric panels from FIRST Heating Systems, s.r.o., are an economical modern heating solution for low-energy single-storey houses, for households, cottages, cottages, hotels, surgeries, offices, catering facilities, production facilities and medical facilities. They are suitable for the bathroom.

The panels are based in the same way as traditional tiled stoves on the production of radiant heat, which first heats the buildings and then the air in the heated space, thus creating a pleasant feeling of warmth and comfort of the interior.

The radiant heat is pleasant and contributes to greater thermal comfort. Thanks to this, it is possible to heat the room to a temperature approx. 2 ° C lower than when using conventional heating. This saves money on heating.

The production of radiant heat does not result in costly air circulation in the space on which standard heating systems are based. Restriction of thermal air circulation promotes cleanliness and dust-free environment, which is especially suitable for people with allergies.

Infrared electric panels have a tempered safety glass with ground edges on the front of the panel with increased resistance to mechanical and thermal stress.

BASIC FRAME – FRAME, white, black
BASIC PICTURE – Frame or Frameless. It is possible to deliver your own photo supplied by the customer using ceramic printing (the quality of the photos must correspond to the dimensions of the heating panel, ideal photo resolution 300dpi, max.800dpi). With their design and customization options, the panels meet even the most demanding requirements of customers and architects.

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