Infrared panels manufactured by FIRST Heating Systems are a modern, economical heating system for homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, and catering and production facilities.

FIRST Heating Systems infrared panels produce radiant heat that first warms the objects present in an area and then the air to create provide warmth and comfort in the interior.

Radiant heating does not require air circulation, which is the principle of most heating systems. Reduced air circulation helps to maintain a cleaner environment that is especially appreciated by those suffering from allergies.

The effects of radiant heating also contribute to increased thermal comfort. One of these effects is the possibility to heat a room to a temperature of about 2°C lower than when using standard heating, yet maintaining the same comfort level. This in itself brings about heating cost savings.

The core element of our panels is a unique silicone foil heater with outstanding thermal properties and a lifetime of at least 30 years.

Heating Panel Series

Elegant WIST NG

Frameless glass heaters with integrated wireless control system.


Framed glass heaters with integrated wireless control system.

Basic Elegant

Frameless glass heaters for universal choice of control system.

Frame Basic

Framed glass heaters for universal choice of control system.

Temperature Controllers and Accessories


Wireless temperature controllers for FIRST Heating panels

Switches and Sensors

Choice of wireless of wired switching devices

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