About the Company

FIRST Heating Systems Ltd.

Since 2010, FIRST Heating Systems develops, manufactures, and distributes electric infrared heating panels that are noted for their quality of workmanship and exceptional heating properties. We cooperate with our customers to meet their project requirements while continually integrating new technologies with our existing products.

We will provide you with a heating system that is highly efficient, economical, and modern.

FIRST Heating tempered glass heaters are manufactured in Dubenec, Czech Republic using components that are made in Germany and other European countries. Main export destinations are other EU countries, and we can deliver to any client in the world.

Our distribution network is expanding – if you would like to combine your business success with ours, please contact us.

The purchase of a new heating system is an important decision, whether it is intended for a new home, building renovation, office furnishing, or as a supplement to a conventional heating system. It is our goal to provide the public with healthy, clean home heating equipment that continually saves money on heating bills and installation/maintenance costs.

We kindly invite to you contact us with any question or requests which you may have about our products.

 – Roman Vondruska,
Director, FIRST Heating Systems