Panel installation:
FIRST Heating Systems panels are only installed using the supplied brackets / hanging fittings with which they are supplied.
The price of the panel includes an installation set that contains brackets, a template and small material for precise mounting of the panel on the wall.

Panel location:
During installation, the glass heating surface of the Basic panels should be at a maximum distance of 3 meters from the floor.
If the panels are to be used for primary heating, always follow the heat loss calculations.
Install the wall panels in places facing the interior with a wide angle view of the room.
Install ceiling heat panels in a similar way as light sources.
Use a programmable thermostat with date / time planning and the possibility of optimal start-up.
Place the thermostat on the inner wall with respect to the panel heating.

BASIC panels – when the surface is dirty, the infrared panel can be black and ordinary soap cleaners can be used without printing, in case of greasing or significant soiling, alcohol can be used and cleaned with a soft cloth.
BASIC PICTURE – we recommend gently cleaning only with a damp soft cloth and wiping thoroughly. Never use abrasive cleaners! Always clean the infrared panel when it is switched off!